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About Lisa

Lisa began her musical training on the piano at age 4, flute at age 9 and oboe at 14. Classical music was her life's focus beginning at age 16 when she enrolled in the College Preparatory Program at The Eastman School of Music in her hometown of Rochester, NY. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Music (Performance) from Ithaca College in 1996. Lisa performs regularly in Los Angeles & Las Vegas.

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Lisa has been writing 4 minute pop songs since she was 15 years old. Personal gratification had been the only motivating factor for15 years, until she received a few gentle nudges from some good friends. She had been accepted into the composition programs of Butler University and Ithaca College but decided to pursue a performance degree. These days, she writes & produces with the sole intent of spreading the musical joy to friends and family.

In 2004, she wrote, performed & produced her first full length CD entitled "Simple Things", and followed it in 2007 with "Complications." Her 3rd CD, "Time Lapse", was released in April 2009, and her latest "Less Than Three" was released in December 2010.

She is eternally grateful to her many friends and family who have always supported her songwriting "hobby". Her hope is that someday one of her songs will hit it big. Perhaps one day she will even be persuaded to get out there & perform with a band, but for now, she's content to just bring a smile to her friends' faces, brighten a few days and hopefully keep your iPods humming.

Keep whispering her name in the dark corners...