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Less Than Three


©2010 lisasmolen


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Taking a lesson from Radiohead: I'm leaving it to you, the fan, to decide how much my songs are worth. 


It was a long hard road to complete this album, but the day has finally arrived!

While still hard at work finishing Time Lapse in the winter of 2008, Lisa found herself in the unusual position of writing a whole new batch of songs that couldn't possibly be included on that album. Setting them aside to finish Time Lapse, she wrote & recorded 10 songs beginning December of 2008 and ending August 2009.

Life's little incidents made it not only difficult to find time to continue work on the album, but nearly emotionally impossible. She set aside the songs until June of 2010 when she wrote the final song on the album: "Unbreak Me" but was unable to record it until the following November.

2 years in the making, this CD chronicles what is quite possibly the most difficult period of her life. Laid bare, Lisa sings of depression, loss, friendship, hope & rebirth.  She has left many of the original vocal recordings from 2009 to retain the authenticity of the emotion of each song.


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  • Gliding
  • Never Happened
  • Less Than Three
  • Unbreak Me